NoMonkey is a revolutionary app designed to influence alcohol molecules so that they are metabolised easily and faster by the body.

The NoMonkey App can be used by any adult who is of legal drinking age. It is suitable for people suffering from the discomforts associated with alcohol consumption.

Disclaimer: NoMonkey does not guarantee the reduction of such discomforts, as each person and each metabolism is different. Laboratory tests have shown a strong acceleration (up to 3.3 times) of enzymatic alcohol metabolisation, but no guarantee can be given on in vivo results. NoMonkey users can test the application free of charge before purchasing it.

Start the App and keep it in your pocket while you drink and until you go to sleep. When you go to sleep, you can place the phone next to the bed and run the App in silent mode (Sound I – infra/ultra button) during the night.

You can use a necklace case instead of a pocket. Just make sure the phone is close to your body when the application is active.

SOUND I uses the sound frequencies emitted by the phone in the range 21.75-22 KHz (ultrasonic) and in the range 20-24.5 Hz (infrasonic), both of which are usually inaudible signals. SOUND II uses all sound frequencies emitted by the phones, usually in the range 20Hz – 20kHz*.

The SOUND I button should be used whenever it is desirable not to disturb the people around you with the hum generated by the use of the SOUND II button.

The SOUND II button modulates all sound frequencies emitted by the phone, thus providing “more energy/information” to the alcohol molecules.

Laboratory tests (in-vitro) showed the same acceleration of metabolisation (2.5 times) for both buttons, although we expect the real-life (in-vivo) effects to be greater for SOUND II.

Note that many people, especially young people, can hear up to 20 kHz and sometimes more, so the SOUND I button may be audible for them.

* This depends entirely on the phone, which uses different microphones/circuits.

Generally, an audio microphone is in the range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Many cheaper microphones (or those intended only for voice) have a lower cutoff frequency of 15 kHz or less. The circuit to which the microphone is connected can intentionally attenuate the frequency – various DSP techniques are used to minimise background noise and feedback, adjust compression and so on – so the software processing is quite sophisticated and dynamic on a modern mobile phone.

The next morning you should feel fresher, less headache and ready to start your day.

No, the app will not make you sober. It will help your body metabolise alcohol much faster and thus reduce the usual post-drinking discomfort.

Users should always avoid abusing alcohol, as it is proven to be unhealthy.

No, it is strongly recommended to drink responsibly and not to increase the number of drinks you usually have when using NoMonkey.

Absolutely not. You should never drink and drive in general or while using the App.

Yes, the App is safe because it is designed to affect only the alcohol molecules and does not interfere with anything else.

NoMonkey is designed to affect only the alcohol molecules. It does not affect anything else.

Once you have downloaded the NoMonkey app, you can either buy it and use it without limits or activate the free trial first by providing your e-mail address.

You will then receive an e-mail with a link to click on to activate the App and use it for up to 3 times.

You should use NoMonkey when you start drinking.

Ideally, NoMonkey should be running from the moment you start drinking and for the next 8 hours (at night until you wake up). The app can be used from half an hour to 8 hours, depending on how you feel and how quickly your body metabolises the alcohol molecules.

Any broadband Internet connection will work, including 3G or higher. When you run the App, the files used to modulate the smartphone signals (audio and video) are downloaded and remain in the phone’s memory for 24 hours before being downloaded again. Thus, after downloading, it is possible to run NoMonkey for 24 hours even if the phone does not have Internet connectivity.´

Once the free trial has been activated, you can run the App up to 3 times.

The App is a one-off purchase.

You can use the App as often as you consume alcohol. Responsible drinking is strongly recommended.

No, NoMonkey works in the background while other applications are activated simultaneously.

It’s easy: just draw an ‘X’ with your finger on the phone screen while the App is running in the background.

The SOUND & AUDIO buttons modulate both sound waves and photons (electromagnetic signals) emitted by the phone. In this way, more energy is used to transmit quantum information to the alcohol molecule, and laboratory results have shown a faster acceleration of the metabolisation process than using sound waves alone.

The SOUND and AUDIO buttons will be available later in the Pro version.

No, there is no need to worry. NoMonkey is designed to induce signals only on the alcohol molecule. When there is no more alcohol in the body, the App can no longer have any effect.